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Lawns of the West believes that water is a precious resource - read more on our About page

No one wants to be wasteful of anything valuable. As with all resources, prices will continue to increase as more and more people compete for them. So whether motivated environmentally, financially or likely both, we all look for ways to use less water. Over the years shower heads, toilets and now even washing machines and dishwashers have cut their water consumption by half. 

What Is The Best Way To Save Water?

Indoor Water Use Reductions
Landscaping has also found water savings with plant selection and primarily, the development of underground sprinkler systems. These systems, replacing sprinklers attached to the end of hoses, significantly reduce over watering of thirsty living grass lawns. But due to the margin of error in both design & programming, they still provide more water than the largest consumer in the household actually needs - when functioning properly!

Living Grass Water Need
  • People need around 50 gallons of water per day for hygiene
  • Every 314 SqFt of living grass needs as much water as a person to survive in Phoenix
  • In Denver, every 546 SqFt of living grass needs as much water as a person for survival
  • Sprinkler systems use anywhere from 10% to 30% more water than needed

A Dream Lawn doesn't just reduce waste but eliminates need!
Imagine a product that outperforms living grass at every Pro with none of the Cons, must be dreaming. Until you've seen and felt a Dream Lawn, it is hard to believe. Schedule a Free Quote now because seeing is believing and feeling is knowing why athletes, kids and dogs all prefer to play on this surface. 

Save Water After

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