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Lawns of the West Clean Up

The only "maintenance" Dream Lawns require is routine cleaning, just like your floors indoors.  It's really is that simple!

        Pet Care:
  • Remove solid waste normally, rinse thoroughly if waste is still visible.
  • Thoroughly rinse the areas pets use either by hose or existing irrigation. Typical program is 5 minutes 2-5 days a week depending on the size of your pet family.

        Other Debris:
  • Remove organic materials from the surface, either with a plastic rake or leaf blower.
  • A vacuum may also be used, holding the hose horizontally to avoid removing infill.
  • After heavy rains or hail, let the turf dry completely before removing surface debris or just call to schedule this complimentary service!
  • Sticky spills should be rinsed to keep dirt from sticking to the turf.
  • Commercial disinfectants may be used, always rinse afterward to push the disinfectant through the turf and away from pets and kids.
  • Food waste should be removed promptly to avoid attracting insects.
  • Use ice to remove gum.
  • Paint may be removed with paint thinner or gasoline.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly afterward.
Avoiding Potential Problems:
  • Check edges for weeds; use pre and/or post emergent to control.
  • Do not leave glass items such as tables on the turf.  The magnifying properties could melt the turf.
  • South facing windows on the ground level may require a proctective tint. 
  • Do not leave hot engines, such as leaf blowers or weed trimmers on the turf.  
  • On very hot days, spray water on the turf to make it more comfortable for bare feet and pets.

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