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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really No Water?
Almost, water is used for routine cleaning and to rinse away spills but Lawns of the West has saved over 2.6 million gallons of water that otherwise would have been required for traditional living grass.
Is it really No Mow?
​Of course it is and with a 20 year life expectancy, it will outlive obsolete lawn equipment. 
Is it really No Rake?
Almost, you may chose to use a rake instead of a leaf blower to clean debris however, unlike older generation and inferior products Dream Lawns do not require routine raking to remain upright.
Is it really Dog Friendly?
Yes!  Unlike older generation and inferior products, there is no need for a separate ‘pet model’ - EVERY professionally installed Lawn of the West is Dog Friendly regardless of intended use.
Why is a Dream Lawn better than other synthetic grasses?
Lawns of the West installs only the best available synthetic grass, designed & engineered for use by the NFL, MLB, FIFA, NCAA colleges and high school sports teams across the country.  These organizations extensively research synthetic turf options and consistently chose FieldTrurf, the industry leader for its superior quality.  The same highest quality turf available can now be your Dream Lawn.

What maintenance is required?
The only 'maintenance' Dream Lawns Lawns require is cleaning up spills and debris.

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Is it dog friendly?
Yes, you can enjoy a dog AND a beautiful lawn! Lawns of the West only installs the “Turf-Of-Choice” for dog care facilities nationwide due to its superior drainage and unmatched durability. Humane Societies and animal shelters across the country have installed this latest generation turf and proven its capability to handle their large canine populations. Urine drains completely through the turf and solid waste is picked up easier than with living grass. 

Why doesn’t it fade?
Built-in UV protection allows it to hold its color even under the most brutal conditions. Independent studies show that this premium turf will fade at a rate of much less than one percent per year. This means that after ten years in direct sunlight, any color change will be imperceptible to the human eye.

Can it stain?
In more than fifteen years of residential use there have been no reported instances of staining. Even paint can be softened with paint remover and rinsed off. Sticky spills should be hosed off to prevent attracting dirt and insects.

How hot does the grass get?
The grass does not stay as cool as living grass, but it does not get hotter than pavement, concrete, rock or brick. In other words, unless the sidewalk is too hot for your dog, the turf isn't either. However, humans expect grass to be cool so a quick spray of water does the trick for picnics and extended play on sunny days.

What about Insects? Rabbits?
Say goodbye to pesky critters! By eliminating the need for pesticides, the lawn will be safer for families and pets. Dream Lawns also help to eliminate rabbit and other rodent frustrations. Rabbits will no longer turn lawns into meals and bathrooms.  

How long does it take to install?
Most installations can only take a day or two. However, it is going to be there for tweenty years so we're going to take our time to do it right. Delivery of the grass usually takes five to ten days from order.

What is the infill for?
The infill provides a ballast to keep the blades erect and looking real. Lawns of the West uses professional grade silica sand to facilitate drainage and prevent clumping. Non-infilled turf will flatten out in a very short time even with modest foot traffic.

Professionally Installed No Maintenance Dog Friendly Dream Lawns, Putting Greens, Dog Parks & Playgrounds

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