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Lawns of the West Guarantees the Best Materials, Best Practices and Best Warranty by exceeding any competitor’s installation warranty by one year, if our standard two year warranty does not already do so. We are not saying others can’t do as good a job as us but we are saying nobody can do a better job!
It is that simple. 

If our materials or practices were inferior, we could not offer a superior warranty. But if any competitor claims better materials or better installation methods, we want to know so we can use them too, if they truly are better.

All newly manufactured synthetic grass has at least an eight year manufacturer warranty. Some higher quality manufacturers now offer a 15 year warranty. However, our manufacturer warranty remains the only non-prorated, transferable, manufacturer warranty insured for claims up to $32 Million. Decision makers who can afford any brand, consistently chose FieldTurf, the industry leader in research and development. Anyone who claims they offer a better synthetic grass product is foolish. But we still would like to hear about it.

The turf is not the only material covered in our Best Materials claim. All synthetic grass systems require infill and base material. Most competitors use the proper silica infill and ⅜” minus rock known as crusher fines for their base material. While this base material is suitable, we can go to the lab or do a field proctor to demonstrate our base both compacts and drains better. We would like to know of any competitor that can even perform a field proctor.

After completing a half dozen or so repairs of other’s work, most landscapers do not use the proper fasteners to secure their seams and perimeters. Another common mistake, if your downspouts drain towards the project area and you weren’t asked for your roof or top level square footage, they didn’t calculate drainage demand. With competitors claiming ten or more years of installation experience still making basic mistakes, we confidently exceed any installation warranty by one year.

Again, not saying others can’t do as good a job but nobody can do a better job! 

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Professionally Installed No Maintenance Dog Friendly Dream Lawns, Putting Greens, Dog Parks & Playgrounds

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Lawns of the West Guarantee

Best Materials - Best Practices - Best Warranty - Guaranteed


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