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What is the best Dog Friendly Lawn?

Nothing beats backyard play time with your dog. However, dog owners must also spend considerable effort and money on living grass lawns trying to treat urine spots, discourage digging and prevent mud being tracked into the house. Unfortunately, synthetic grass has not been a suitable option due to durability and drainage.
The first designs utilized felt backing, which need to become saturated before draining. With this design, the felt retains moisture and also waste particles. Then came rubberized backings significantly increasing durability. But to achieve drainage, holes are literally burned into the backing. All water and waste must be funneled through these holes. This requires extensive rinsing and concentrates waste at the holes. A weed barrier, further restricting drainage, is also needed to prevent growth through the holes.

Always the industry leader, FieldTurf was the first manufacturer to introduce a 100% permeable backing. That means water drains through the entire backing; no need for burn holes and drainage problems became a thing of the past. But that was not the complete solution for dog use as some waste particles were still absorbed by the permeable backing. 

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​While 100% permeable technology has been around long enough for other manufacturers to copy, FieldTurf continues to lead the industry in innovation by developing a zero absorption backing. This proprietary rinse-clean drainage technology allows every waste particle to be easily rinsed completely through the backing - eliminating odors!

Imagine a gorgeous, perfect grass surface on which dogs prefer to play with no urine spots, no mud, no holes dug and no odor...must be dreaming...

Pairing a revolutionary backing with unmatched fiber durability allows Lawns of the West to professionally install the best looking Dream Lawns as Play Areas for Dogs. The soft, consistent surface is like outfitting your dog with top of the line running shoes and has proven to increase play activity. Meanwhile, competitors offer a “pet model” - fiber that is durable enough for long term dog use but these alternate models compromise appearance and feel. Competitors also modify their base material to achieve more drainage while the standard base material Lawns of the West uses still drains better and costs less. To view and feel a sample - Get a Free Quote!
Increases Play Activity
No Odor | No Mud | No Urine Spots | No Digging
Pays for Itself in Water & Maintenance Savings
Play Area for Dogs
Until now, the industry's only answer was less attractive fibers and enzyme infills and cleaners to dissolve odors. Not only are these expensive, they also just treat the symptom. The cause of odor build up is waste decaying above the surface. And due to their design, it was impossible to completely rinse all waste completely through their backing.

Read more below about backings and drainage or watch the demonstration, thankfully using food, not pet waste but you'll get the idea. Dream Lawns from Lawns of the West are your answer for the best Dog Friendly Lawn!

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